31 years serving Jefferson! OPT for CARE, OPT for our Cure experience.

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Most major plans, Auto, Workman's Comp, Medicare

 Pain Management, Orthopedic/sports injuries, Neurological conditions  and Wellness Programs for all ages (Click Here for details)

Whether you are looking for a capable and trustworthy physical therapist or need to improve your fitness or work on long term wellness, come reach out to us. Try us, experience our care, join thousands of other clients that have benefited from the OPT experience.

  1. We provide a good combination of modern equipment and technology, but that is the easy part. Providing genuine care, and demonstrating compassion over a 31 year period  is a fact that very few entities in the area can claim
  2. Our physical therapy and wellness services are designed with your needs in mind. We believe each client needs a unique, and consistent approach, and we take pains to deliver quality service
  3. "Care" is as much a social term as it is a professional promise at OPT
  4. We work with you to make your OPT experience special. We seek your constant input and your physician advise to develop an individualized treatment plan. We make every effort to establish an environment of trust between you and us
  5. We do not bounce you around with a new face everyday. Our care professionals are hired only if they serve our client-centered approach.

Care is THE key ingredient of any cure. Over a period of 31 years, we have received consistent feedback of excellent service. Our clients have benefited from the effectiveness of treatment provided at our facilities, praised our personable approach, appreciated the convenience of appointments and lauded the punctuality of our therapists.  

At OPT, you will receive quality care. Ask around, check us out.