OPT Physical Therapy and Wellness

Yoga Therapy

We offer traditional yoga related therapy on an appointment basis. OPT has trained yoga practitioners including some with a physical therapy background. If yoga is beneficial to you as a treatment, a Physical therapist cum yoga instructor may provide the needed instructions. Please call to see if you can benefit from Yoga Therapy as a treatment or for wellness benefit.


OPT offers Yoga for Wellness so that you can benefit from its healing power, in a manner that is consistent with your capability and constraint. This program is ideal for those of you who wish to use Yoga to improve upon or sustain the benefits you have received from your physical therapy treatments at our facilities. We believe our treatment is unique in how it may leverage our specialized knowledge of the physical body, to simplify yoga postures relative to your needs. Additionally, a yoga trained physical therapist will be available to answer any questions you may have before or after you begin using the OPT Yoga Wellness program. 


Senior Citizen Programs

1. Falls Risk Reduction

Falls are a major risk with older adults, and are a leading cause of of injuries especially hip fractures, and trauma related admissions to the hospital. Physical therapy and exercise can help in the reduction of fear of falling, improve cardiovascular health and functional reserve, decrease depression and reduce sleep disorders.

2. Osteoporosis

This program is designed for treatment of osteoporosis related disorders. These include kyphosis, back pain, and general loss of physical condition like muscle strength and flexibility, and is tailored to individual needs.

Fitness & Sports Medicine Programs

1. Muscle Strengthening Programs

These programs can benefit the athlete who wants to improve his sports performance, or an individual who is just looking to tone their muscles. A strengthening program is created for your specific physical needs, based on your muscle condition.

2. Stretching

Whether a weekend warrior, or  a sportsman, or just one who would like to feel better getting through daily activities, a set of stretching exercises can help. This is an individualized program created for your unique physical type, to improve flexibility of muscles and joints to help you move to improved function.


3. Rapid Cardiovascular Workout


We have in our new facility at Oak Ridge, an extensive array of equipment, as well as staff to help you design a quick workout program.