31 years serving Jefferson! OPT for CARE, OPT for our Cure experience.

A very small sample of our testimonials:

"I have been to many therapists over time. I found OPT therapist to be the best",    Regina P


"OPT Therapists and staff demonstrate particular concern for my particular treament needs, and are easy to communicate with. I have benefitted immensely from their treatment, and superior quality of care over many years".  Joan D


"The consequences of my knee surgery after a fall have been painful and limiting. OPT has been as much a friend, and a moral support, as they have been great at their work. I even have had, after one of several surgeries, requested their presence on a post-operative visit with my orthopedic surgeon, to help work a program with the physician, given the complications of my situation. On another occasion, they observed my surgery that used a new surgical technique". Kathy W